Hi! I’m Rosie O’Keeffe

I’m the face behind Silk Imagery! I love a good chat and getting to know families and couples – either at a location we have mutually selected, somewhere that means something special to you, or if you come to visit me at my property.

We all have unique and special stories to share.

This is a tiny snapshot of my story and approach to my photographic artistry.

For many years, (and still to this day)...

 I have shared stories writing and editing for print media and in my research and communications roles. I am also trained in photojournalism, and have long relished creative storytelling through portraiture.

I live in Albury and capture images around southern NSW and North East Victoria regions. I am also a mum of four children – Anastasia 13 years, Rupert 10 years, Hugo 8 years, and Archie is 6 years old.

It was experiencing motherhood...

And watching how quickly my little tribe was growing and how I wished that I could cherish the little dimples as they smiled, or the sleepy newborn weeks, that really nourished my passion for portraiture, and my Silk Imagery business was created so I can now also capture the special moments for you.

I relish the warm glow across a paddock as the sun is setting and families are laughing together, I love seeing the pride on a new mum’s face as she sees her little newborn baby all curled up and sleeping soundly during a styled session… I love capturing the expressions as a bride and groom see each other for the first time and as they embrace family and friends with excited hugs and kisses after the ceremony. I love to creatively capture the romance and fun during the bridal portraits… Then, when you’re ready to kick up your heels, I look forward to being there as you dance the night away with family and friends.

As my little ones grow, I have also learned that no matter how many bribes are used to achieve the perfect poses, my favourite photographs are always the ones where my children are happy, relaxed and enjoying the moment, or even if they decide to show their unique expressions and personalities by poking a tongue out or twirling in the grass, they are all experiences I’d love to capture for you too.

I often used to shy away from the camera and found myself wanting to wait until a “better” moment came along or until I looked and felt more comfortable, but I realised time doesn’t wait and I know just how precious it is to be in the moments in those photographs because our little ones grow so fast and family togetherness is special. And it all needs to be captured in some way to be remembered.

Every shoot is different and brings its own story and gives us something to reminisce about… even the mishaps and tears! How about the time I photographed a little girl with her pony and it ended with the pony deciding to bolt. I have photographed weddings where the sweet little flower girl in her beautiful dress is standing front and centre picking her nose, while the pageboys are playfully wrestling off to the side… I’ve worked in extreme weather conditions, including strong winds which sent a bride’s veil into a set of sheep yards, and I’ve even had some photo shoots in the snow! 

No matter what, there’s always laughter along the way and I will provide you with lovely images documenting these moments (I’ve even toppled down a dirt mound, ripped pants, climbed hills, just to get the best vantage points).

And, in fact, some of the most beautiful photographs have come from the off-the-script happenings, rare and special, and these are then the chapters in your story to treasure forever.

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